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October 10, 2017

A new dairy farm in Cambodia that is planning to create the first goat cheese in the Kingdom.

The Request

I was approached by Capricorn Dairy to create a corporate branding identity for their up coming goat cheese. Capricorn Dairy will have the distinction of being the first goat cheese maker in Cambodia. From the outset the design needed to keep in mind packaging from the very beginning of the design stage. The client requested that they did not want to go into a traditional and flowery direction. They wanted a strong contemporary visual identity, looking hip, funky, new and different. The thought being that Goat cheese has had a bad rap and designing with a more modern approach was going to appeal a new audience of potential goat cheese enthusiasts.

Client: Capricorn Dairy
Role: Logo / Branding Design
Year: 2017

The Concept Phase

There were a few initial requirements. The image of the Capricorn horoscope - sea-goat was a central requirement. I needed to include this in the design from the outset.
Another was to ensure that the goat was an Anglo-Nubian sea goat as the Anglo-Nubian variety are the ones that Capricorn Dairy would use to make their cheeses.
I begun a research stage where I searched for appropriate contemporary interpretations of astrological symbols attempting to focus the client’s attention on the style of logo that they might possibly like.
With this I made a moodboard and presented it to the client. Once they had given me feedback on what they did and did not like about these examples I proceeded to the sketching phase creating two concepts to choose from.

The Design

Concept 1
The tricky element in this concept was attempting to combine the fish elements with the goat elements. A goat and a fish can be challenging to combine. The goat here has its fishtail protruding from the sides almost as though its tail is so long that it is snaking all over the place with the tail emanating from the back.
After a few different font choices given to the client they settled on this design as their favourite.

Concept 2
In this concept I decided to get a different angle on the sea goat. I wanted to get more sense of an astrological sign in this one as you can see with the symbols, lines and the eleven stars that make up the Capricorn constellation.
There was some concern with the drawing of this one that the beast could be mistaken for a rabbit. These issues were ironed out during the digitisation phase where I focussed more on what were the confusing rabbit elements pulling the design more into line with what it should have been in the initial drawing.
This version is my personal favourite of the two designs. The goat some how look noble in this iteration.

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